The history of Selisian power/speed metal band began in 2005 in Havířov,when singer
Dalibor Panther Halamíček (ex-Salamandra, ex-Grog,..) left his former band Salamandra after their
third studio album “Great Moravian Elegies”. Even meanwhile Dalibor is also a member of Czech
hard rock band Grog, his passion for wilder,faster music was so strong so he shared his ideas
with Havířov’s guitar player Petr Štrauch (Solar System), and then the new project was created and
in time it became Moravius.
During the first year,the band releases first taste as EP called Back Again including 4 songs,that were on their
debut album,which was released one year after, King’s Grave (2007). Core of the band Dalibor/Petr remained
unchanged, the rest of the band was unfortunately not that stable and a lot of musicians on records are more
as guests than members. For example on their debut album,there are seven diferent singers, lead and supporting,
like Hanka Šlachtová or Karel Řepecký on guitar, both former Dalibor’s colleagues from Salamandra.

Even when their debut album was so succesfull, year after Moravius went for a 7years long sleep into the ice.
Dalibor was still performing with Grog and Petr went to Solar System, where he is playing now..
In 2014 both former members reunite and think about another cooperation and in September 2015 they returned in
ex MY-ROCKet club with their comeback gig, with 4 brand new songs. In 2016, new album Hope In Us is released
with another special guest Tommy Reinxeed Johansson. This album was baptised in Ostrava’s music club Barrák
where as a guest, Petr definitely left the band for good. Only Dalibor stayed, and through the band went a lot of
musicians over the year. Members of bands like Euthanasia, Ahard, Headfire, Elementa, Ingott,etc.

In 2017, after more than 20years Dalibor left Grog and definitely focused only on Moravius. This was marked in just
another year with a lot of gigs all over Czech republic. Even this year 2019, there were some changes in lineup.
The band finally formed and was a part of foundation NADĚJEfest. Band’s main target for 2019 is to record another album
that should be relased next year. Most of the parts of new album si already done, and soon it will be finally out.
Actual band’s lineup is Dalibor, Radek Dočkalík (solo/lead guitar), Jarda Novák (supporting guitar), both former mambers of
heavy metal band Archon, young talented bass player Patrik Hrnčíř.
Posts behind drums and keyboards are not filled yet..


Dalibor "Panther" Halamíček

Dalibor "Panther" Halamíček

frontman, singer

  • born 1965
  • of music he likes power metal and classic
  • he likes meat and chips to eat
  • he likes to watch comedies
Patrik Hrnčíř

Patrik Hrnčíř


  • born 2001
  • from music he likes everything from heavy / power metal
  • he likes watching comedies, nature and cosmos documentaries
  • he likes to eat sirloin
Radek Dočkalík

Radek Dočkalík


  • born 1968
  • he likes to listen to metal and classical music
  • he likes watching witness movies
  • enjoy meat and vegetables
Jarda Novák

Jarda Novák


  • born 1990
  • listens to metal
  • likes to treat himself to beef steak
  • he likes movies: Casino Goldfelas, Game
Dušan Kiss

Dušan Kiss

drums Yamaha

  • guest of band